Funding Sources

Arbor Research was built on the principle of building partnerships in pursuit of better research. Our increasingly diverse research portfolio includes continuing work to improve the delivery of health care through the analytic support of policy development. We are pleased to continue and expand our work to conduct analyses that inform federal health care policy makers through a variety of funding mechanisms. For more information, please view our Annual Report or our List of Sponsors. Our IRS Form 990 is also available through GuideStar/Candid.


Scientific Collaboration

Arbor Research collaborates closely with faculty and researchers from other major research organizations in the United States and around the world to perform research that affects clinical practice, policy development, and medical payment systems. For more information about the strengths we bring to collaborative research, please see Expertise.

Small Business Partnerships

Arbor Research strives to support small businesses through partnerships and subcontracting opportunities. We work with small businesses certified through the Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), 8(a) Business Development, and HUBZone Empowerment programs, including minority-owned, women-owned (WOSB), veteran-owned (SVOB), service-disabled veteran-owned (SDVOSB), and other disadvantaged small businesses.

For more information about collaborating with Arbor Research, please contact:

Sponsored Projects
3700 Earhart Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Tel: +1 (734) 665-4108
Fax: +1 (734) 665-2103

Conflict of Interest Policy

As part of our commitment to the health care research community, key stakeholders, and consumers, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of research integrity, including matters of conflict of interest. All Arbor Research investigators, key staff, board of director members, and contractors are required to disclose any activity or investment that might present a potential, apparent, or real conflict of interest with research and activities within Arbor Research.

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Arbor Research’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy is designed to comply with federal government regulations for contractors who seek and are awarded federal research funds. For more detail, please read our Financial Conflict of Interest Policy.  

All requests for Arbor Research Collaborative for Health financial conflict of interest disclosures related to our federally funded research should be submitted in writing to:

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health
ATTN: Compliance Officer
3700 Earhart Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105 USA

Organizational Conflict of Interest

Arbor Research diligently reviews current and potential funding opportunities for organizational conflicts of interest to ensure that we are able to render impartial advice to the government, that we are free from bias that may affect our professional judgment, and that we do not have an unfair competitive advantage in the process of contracting with the federal government. Our procedures are based upon and guided by principles and examples contained in Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 9.5 and associated regulations and guidance from the Government Accountability Office and federal courts.