Scientific and Data Coordinating Centers

Arbor Research brings considerable expertise to large multi-center research consortiums by serving as the Scientific and Data Coordinating Center (SDCC) for several large studies, including the DOPPS, RELIVE, and A2ALL. Arbor Research staff understand that data shouldn’t exist in a vacuum, but instead must be gathered in an environment that ensures data integrity. A sound infrastructure for data collection helps ensure that data are clean and dependable, which, in turn, contributes to reliable research conclusions. Arbor Research SDCCs consist of a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, biostatisticians, project managers, analysts, clinical monitors, project support personnel, and medical editors. Together, they form a project management nexus that allows busy investigators separated by miles and time zones to collaboratively pursue clinical research excellence.

Data Monitoring and Support

A critical component of our research involves supervising the collection and handling of data and reporting on its quality to study investigators and sponsors. The application development staff at Arbor Research works closely with our clinical and biostatisitical experts to custom design web-based data entry platforms for each study. Our clinical monitors train and work with the study coordinators at each clinical site as they interact with subjects and collect data and biospecimens. The monitors travel to the clinical sites to ensure that each study protocol is being conducted appropriately to protect patient safety and data integrity. Our analysts review data as they are recorded, checking for accuracy and a timeliness. Arbor Research staff collaborate to provide reports on enrollment, protocol compliance, and data integrity to study investigators and sponsors, as well as to external regulatory and monitoring officials. Investigators then work with our analysts to interpret the data and report it to our medical and patient communities and sponsors.