Our Expertise

Communicating Research Results


Public Websites: Interfacing with Medical Providers and Consumers to Support Quality Care

Identifying important trends in patient care is only the first step in our work. To have an impact, our findings must reach the right audience. Arbor Research developers and programmers have a wealth of experience building websites to deliver information to the physicians, patients, and decision-makers who need it most. To learn more about our methods for delivering timely data to the public, please read about the DOPPS Practice Monitor.


Private Websites: Review and Feedback

Accuracy in data reporting depends on a conscientious review of inputs before they become public. We excel at creating and maintaining websites that allow users to privately, securely review reported data before it is analyzed. We have created customized online data-collection software to support several of our projects. Read more about ArborLink software here



Arbor Research has published over 300 peer reviewed papers. To search these publications, please visit our published research page.