The DOPPS Program: Learning from Clinical Practice Variations

The DOPPS Program collects data on patients across the globe, using a common protocol over time. This program leverages extensive longitudinal data to emphasize the effects of clinical practice patterns on patient outcomes. With a focus on the full range of practice patterns that may relate to clinically important outcomes, the outcomes measures are adjusted for patient comorbidities and adjusted to a greater extent than previously possible.

The international scope of the DOPPS provides greater variability in practice patterns and outcomes than can be observed in one country. This increased variation, along with the study's large sample size, leads to a greatly enhanced ability to understand the relationships between various treatment effects and patient outcomes.

Several studies make up the DOPPS program, including DOPPS, CKDopps, PDOPPS, and EPOCH-RRT. You can find more information about these studies by clicking on the links to the right.