Technology Services

Technology Services

Whether designing a system for original data capture from patients or providers or drawing upon existing data from claims or electronic health records, our approach to data management is rigorous and comprehensive. We are committed to meticulous methods for handling data to ensure that information is clean, complete, and secure. Arbor Research has engaged in several projects that improve the collection, presentation, and interpretation of hundreds of terabytes of data.

ArborLink Software

ArborLink is a configurable web-based electronic data collection (EDC) system, in a redundant high-availability environment, which provides the highest data quality possible for research and analysis. It supports the unique protocols in observational research with features that are not included with other available tools, such as materials collection and shipping management for biosamples, pathological and radiological materials. The latest release of ArborLink includes improved study management and reporting components, powerful validations, suppressions and queries, and co-enrollment between sub-studies. Improved workflows reduce shipping reconciliation costs, patient screening and tracking costs. ArborLink is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, and will support FDA-regulated interventional trials.

ArborLink combines features offered by many clinical trials solutions – such as real-time data validation and study management tools – with features needed for international observational studies. ArborLink responds uniquely with configurable protocols adapted for each translated language and medical culture, and implementation of the complex study and sampling protocols, and management of biosample collection and processing. ArborLink has been used for over 20 research study protocols in over 20 countries, with each ArborLink implementation configured to meet the unique needs of the study.

ArborLink is a success not in spite of the fact that Arbor Research is not a software development shop, but because of it. Our multidisciplinary collaboration among users, clinicians, analysts, and study monitors provides invaluable context and insight for IT development staff in providing a product with real value-added to each study it supports.

Program Leadership

  • David Dickinson, MA
    Vice President, Information
  • Shannon Li, MS
    Director of Data Services
  • Ben Guidinger, BS
    Applications Development Manager