CKDopps: Chronic Kidney Disease Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study

Advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) and the transition of patients to end-stage renal disease both pose high clinical risks and carry substantial health care related costs. Reliable evidence is needed about the impact of treatment options on patient survival, quality of life, delay/avoidance of dialysis, and cost analysis related to treatment.

The CKDopps studies CKD treatment variations and aims to identify practices associated with the best outcomes for patients with advanced CKD. The project establishes a research platform to gather and analyze data on patients with advanced CKD and yield insightful, actionable findings relevant to patients, clinicians, policy makers, and other stakeholders regarding best treatment practices.

The CKDopps team is a collaborative research relationship among experts in Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, and the US, that uses its international scope to facilitate comparisons of nephrology practices in different countries. The overall goal is to develop an evidence base for the effective treatment of advanced CKD, thereby improving care and outcomes for future patients.

Selected Publications