Home Health Value-Based Purchasing

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health, in partnership with L&M Policy Research, holds a contract from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to evaluate the impact of the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) Model.

As health care transformation efforts continue to emphasize models that promote greater quality and efficiency of care for a growing Medicare population, there is a pressing need to evaluate home health care. With financial incentives that are large in comparison with other existing value-based purchasing programs and a context where home health care provides potentially cost-effective options for improving outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries, the HHVBP model has the potential to be valuable for beneficiaries and for the continued development of other CMS value-based purchasing programs.

The evaluation will amass information about the HHVBP model, how agencies are responding to the financial incentives, how HHVBP is affecting stakeholders, and what performance and other outcomes may be changing because of the new payment model. Our team will emphasize the collection, analysis, and synthesis of information that is most relevant to how home health agencies respond to the HHVBP model, including the model’s effects on quality and outcomes, utilization, payment, services provided, beneficiary experience/access, and agency operations.

For more detail on this work, please see the following materials: