RMADA Contracting Vehicle

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded a contract for the Research, Measurement, Assessment, Design, and Analysis (RMADA) contracting vehicle to a team led by Arbor Research Collaborative for Health.

RMADA provides a framework for testing innovative models of health care delivery and payment for the purpose of improving the quality of care, improving health, and reducing the cost of care. The work that is required for RMADA includes a wide range of activities related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of new models and demonstration projects created or derived under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA). In addition, RMADA is designed to provide rapid-cycle feedback for continuous improvement, support shared learning among model or demonstration participants, and allow for the identification of successful models for broader implementation.

Similar to the CMS Measure & Instrument Development and Support (MIDS) contracting vehicle held by Arbor Research, this 5-year umbrella contract award makes us one of only fifteen organizations eligible to bid on future projects under RMADA.