PRECEDE: Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Research Consortium

Arbor Research, in partnership with Diane Simeone, MD, a pancreatic cancer surgeon and associate director of translational research at the Perlmutter Cancer Center of New York University, is building a population-based familial cohort of individuals who are at high risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Over the next five years, we will form the consortium of cancer centers from around the world to develop and maintain a common database on the ArborLink platform, including clinical and family history information, as well as cataloguing and tracking of biological samples and imaging data. The scientific goals of the consortium include:

  • Improving risk modeling for pancreatic cancer, based on both genetic and environmental risk factors,
  • Developing a validation cohort for an early detection test for pancreatic cancer,
  • Testing the concept that screening in this population will save lives, and ultimately
  • Performing clinical trials using the early detection test.