ArborLink Software

State-of-the-art research requires state-of-the-art software to be agile and responsive to specific project needs. When staff from the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS) sought solutions to implement a consistent study protocol in multiple languages and cultures around the world, unmet needs spurred a new Arbor Research data management initiative. In 2002, Arbor Research began building its own data-collection and study management software. By the end of that year, IT staff watched late at night as DOPPSLink collected its first data submitted by Japanese study coordinators in facilities halfway around the world.

As the need to support more efficient observational data collection grew, DOPPSLink became ArborLink. Now in use for over 20 protocols in 24 countries, each implementation of ArborLink is adapted to meet the unique needs of the study.

ArborLink combines features offered by many clinical trials solutions – such as real-time data validation and study management tools – with features needed for international observational studies. ArborLink responds uniquely with customizable protocols adapted for each translated language and medical culture, and implementation of the complex study and sampling protocols, and management of biosample collection and processing.

ArborLink is a success not in spite of the fact that Arbor Research is not a software development shop, but because of it. Our multidisciplinary collaboration among users, clinicians, analysts, and study monitors provides invaluable context and insight for IT development staff in providing a product with real value-added to each study it supports.