Our Team

Executive Leadership

The Executive Team defines and implements strategies to drive the organization towards its vision. We motivate and foster the Arbor Research team, their capabilities and resources, and our culture to fulfill the organization's mission in a way that is both financially sustainable and exceptionally effective.

  • Christopher Spera, PhD Christopher Spera, PhD

  • Chauncey Lynch, BS Chauncey Lynch, BS
    Vice President, Finance

  • David Dickinson, MA David Dickinson, MA
    Vice President, Information

  • Shanthy Edward, PsyD, MA, BA Shanthy Edward, PsyD, MA, BA
    Vice President, Strategic Growth

  • Denise Boucke, MS, PHR, SHRM-CP Denise Boucke, MS, PHR, SHRM-CP
    Vice President, People Operations

Program Leadership

Scientific directors and program directors are responsible for the leadership of their respective program, including development of the program's vision, strategic plan, and business development efforts. These individuals also provide high-level oversight to the projects within the program, and work together to oversee projects that cross programs.

  • Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns

    Roberto Silva Pecoits Filho, MD, PhD, FACP, FASN Roberto Silva Pecoits Filho, MD, PhD, FACP, FASN
    Senior Research Scientist

  • Health Policy and Practice

    Marc Turenne, PhD Marc Turenne, PhD
    Health Policy & Practice Program Scientific Director
    Senior Research Scientist
    Health Economics

  • Scientific & Data Coordinating Centers

    Abigail Smith, PhD Abigail Smith, PhD
    Scientific and Data Coordinating Centers Program Scientific Director

  • Justin Albert, BA Justin Albert, BA
    DOPPS Program DIrector

  • Jeffrey Pearson, MS Jeffrey Pearson, MS
    Health Policy & Practice Program Director

  • John Graff, PhD, MS John Graff, PhD, MS
    Scientific and Data Coordinating Centers Program Director

Clinical & Scientific Investigators

Our multidisciplinary research team collaborates in the development of protocols, study designs, analyses, and policies. Investigators contribute collaboratively to the synthesis of results for reports, manuscripts, abstracts, presentations, and other mechanisms for disseminating research results.

  • Alyssa Pozniak, PhD Alyssa Pozniak, PhD
    Senior Research Scientist
    Health Economics/Health Services Research

  • Angelo Karaboyas, PhD Angelo Karaboyas, PhD
    Research Scientist

  • Eric Lammers, PhD Eric Lammers, PhD
    Senior Research Scientist
    Health Economics/Health Services Research

  • Eric Young, MD, MS Eric Young, MD, MS
    Senior Research Scientist

  • Keith McCullough, PhD, MS Keith McCullough, PhD, MS
    Research Scientist

  • Lisa Henn, PhD Lisa Henn, PhD
    Research Scientist

  • Purna Mukhopadhyay, PhD Purna Mukhopadhyay, PhD
    Research Scientist

  • Rebecca Mandell, PhD, MS Rebecca Mandell, PhD, MS
    Research Scientist

  • Robert Merion, MD, FACS Robert Merion, MD, FACS
    Distinguished Research Scientist

  • Ron Pisoni, PhD, MS Ron Pisoni, PhD, MS
    Distinguished Research Scientist

  • Victor Andreev, PhD, DSc Victor Andreev, PhD, DSc
    Senior Research Scientist

Analytic Services

Quantitative and qualitative analytic services at Arbor Research are provided by research analysts and health analysts. Research analysts are proficient in a variety of statistical techniques, including regression, survival analysis, longitudinal methods, hierarchical methods, and power analysis. Health analysts specialize in qualitative and mixed methods research with training and experience in population health, social determinants of health, health care, patient experience, and multi-level interventions.

  • Alissa Kapke, MS Alissa Kapke, MS
    Managing Senior Analyst

  • Anna Salomonsson, MPH Anna Salomonsson, MPH
    Research Analyst I

  • Brian Bieber, MPH, MS Brian Bieber, MPH, MS
    Managing Senior Analyst

  • Calvin Andrews, MS Calvin Andrews, MS
    Research Analyst I

  • Caroline Smerdon, MPH Caroline Smerdon, MPH
    Research Analyst I

  • Chad Cogan, MS Chad Cogan, MS
    Managing Senior Analyst

  • Charlotte Beil, MPH Charlotte Beil, MPH
    Managing Senior Analyst

  • Charlotte Tu, DrPH Charlotte Tu, DrPH
    Senior Research Analyst I

  • Dongyu Wang, MS Dongyu Wang, MS
    Senior Research Analyst

  • Jillian Schrager, MPH Jillian Schrager, MPH
    Research Analyst II

  • Jonathan Wiseman, MS Jonathan Wiseman, MS
    Research Analyst II

  • Junhui Zhao, PhD Junhui Zhao, PhD
    Senior Research Analyst II

  • Kaitlyn Repeck, MS Kaitlyn Repeck, MS
    Senior Research Analyst I

  • Katherine Hanslits, MPH Katherine Hanslits, MPH
    Senior Research Analyst I

  • Kieran Hawthorne, MS Kieran Hawthorne, MS
    Senior Research Analyst I

  • Margaret Helmuth, MA Margaret Helmuth, MA
    Managing Senior Analyst

  • Nan Ji, MS Nan Ji, MS
    Senior Research Analyst I

  • Nathan Goodrich, MS Nathan Goodrich, MS
    Senior Research Analyst II

  • Nathan West, MPA Nathan West, MPA
    Principal Healthcare Analyst

  • Rachelle Juan, MPH Rachelle Juan, MPH
    Research Analyst I

  • Rashmi Goyat, PhD Rashmi Goyat, PhD
    Senior Research Analyst I

  • Sarah Mansfield, MS Sarah Mansfield, MS
    Senior Research Analyst II

  • Zhechen Ding, MS Zhechen Ding, MS
    Research Analyst II

Project Management Office

The Arbor Research project management office (PMO) is made up of project managers, coordinators, associates, and clinical monitors. Project managers provide high-level oversight and direction to functional teams working on the project to ensure work priorities and approaches align with the overall research goals and budget of the project. Project coordinators and associates assist in carrying out day-to-day implementation and administration of the various studies under way at Arbor Research through facilitation of communication with participating research centers, external collaborators, and sponsoring agencies. Clinical monitors work closely with the research centers and investigators to ensure appropriate clinical implementation of study protocols, and with data and analytic services to ensure data quality.

  • Alexis Martin, MA Alexis Martin, MA
    Research Assistant

  • Aya Inoue, BA, PMP Aya Inoue, BA, PMP
    PMO Manager

  • Brian Ronski, BA, BBA Brian Ronski, BA, BBA
    Senior Project Coordinator

  • Danielle Norman, MSW Danielle Norman, MSW
    Project Coordinator

  • Giuliana Cusumano, BA Giuliana Cusumano, BA
    Project Associate II

  • Jessica Donnelly Jessica Donnelly
    Project Associate II

  • Jessica Durkin, BS, M.Ed., MBA Jessica Durkin, BS, M.Ed., MBA
    Project Manager II

  • Julia Nashif, BA Julia Nashif, BA
    Project Associate II

  • Kaden Milkovich, MPA Kaden Milkovich, MPA
    Senior Project Manager

  • Melissa Fava, MPA, PMP, CRA Melissa Fava, MPA, PMP, CRA
    Senior Project Manager

  • Melissa Sexton, BBA, CCRP Melissa Sexton, BBA, CCRP
    Clinical Research Associate II

  • Michelle Goebel Michelle Goebel
    Senior Data Entry Specialist

  • Michelle Maxim, BA, PMP Michelle Maxim, BA, PMP
    Senior Project Manager

  • Patrick Kelly, MPH Patrick Kelly, MPH
    Project Manager II

  • Samira Rochotte, MPH Samira Rochotte, MPH
    Project Coordinator

  • Sayori Suda-Wilson, BS Sayori Suda-Wilson, BS
    Clinical Research Associate I

  • Shelby Imboden, BS Shelby Imboden, BS
    Project Associate II

  • Yuko Schoenberg, BS Yuko Schoenberg, BS
    Senior Project Associate

Data Services

Programmers and database developers on the data services team contribute expertise in health care informatics, data architecture, analytic programming, and reporting. They also contribute to the design of data capture systems and instruments, as well as the processes necessary to acquire and link existing administrative or externally collected data into analytic data systems.

  • Brandon Rogers, BS Brandon Rogers, BS
    Database Administrator/Programmer II

  • Bryan Simmons Bryan Simmons
    Senior Programmer I

  • Carlos Bosley, BA Carlos Bosley, BA
    Programmer II

  • Debra Halbleib, AS Debra Halbleib, AS
    Senior Programmer II

  • Gregory Wirth, BS Gregory Wirth, BS
    Managing Senior Programmer

  • Heather Dudek, MS Heather Dudek, MS
    Senior Programmer I

  • Karen Downing, B.S. Karen Downing, B.S.
    Senior Programmer I/Senior Database Administrator

  • Megan O'Byrne, MS Megan O'Byrne, MS
    Senior Programmer I

  • Mike Arbit, MA, MS Mike Arbit, MA, MS
    Senior Programmer I

  • Shannon Li, MS Shannon Li, MS
    Director of Data Services

  • Shawn Tian, PhD, MS, BS Shawn Tian, PhD, MS, BS
    Programmer I

  • Shengqian Li, MA Shengqian Li, MA
    Senior Programmer I

  • Wenbin Ji, PhD Wenbin Ji, PhD
    Senior Programmer I

Applications Development & Services

These staff design custom software, including tools to communicate research findings and implement protocols for data capture and study management. They develop Windows and web-based applications, as well as tools to help staff leverage off-the-shelf products.

  • Ben Guidinger, BS Ben Guidinger, BS
    Applications Development Manager

  • Benjamin Sutton, BBA Benjamin Sutton, BBA
    Senior Applications Programmer I

  • Beth Kirschner, BS Beth Kirschner, BS
    Applications Services Manager

  • Colleen Kincaid, MS Colleen Kincaid, MS
    Advisory Technical Product Manager

  • Jack Liao, MS Jack Liao, MS
    Senior Applications Programmer I

  • Jeanne Rash, BS Jeanne Rash, BS
    Information Services Analyst

  • Michael Lipham, DMA Michael Lipham, DMA
    Senior Applications Programmer I

  • Sonia John, MS Sonia John, MS
    Information Services Project Manager

  • Xiaoying Wang, MBA Xiaoying Wang, MBA
    Information Services Analyst

Publications & Communications

The publications & communications team works closely with investigators and analysts to coordinate and finalize manuscripts for journal submission, ensuring that all requirements are met throughout the peer-review and publication process. The team also edits proposals, reports, abstracts, and other research-based publications and public facing organizational communications.

  • Heather Van Doren, MFA Heather Van Doren, MFA
    Senior Medical Editor

  • Jennifer McCready-Maynes, BA Jennifer McCready-Maynes, BA
    Medical Editor II

  • Shauna Leighton, BA Shauna Leighton, BA
    Medical Editor II

IT Services

The information technology [IT] team manages the Arbor Research computing environment and provides technology support to all end users, including employees and collaborators. The team is also responsible for implementing security services and maintaining compliance with security standards and regulations.

  • Daniel Vandermade, BBA Daniel Vandermade, BBA
    Cloud Administrator

  • Josh Brucksch, BBA Josh Brucksch, BBA
    Systems Administrator

  • Kashish Jaiswal, MS Kashish Jaiswal, MS
    Senior Network Administrator

  • Saurabh Patel, BS Saurabh Patel, BS
    Network Services Manager


The administrative functions at Arbor Research include finance, grants and contracts administration, compliance, business operations, facilities, and human resources. The members of these departments work together to support the diverse needs of employees and external parties.

  • Colette Cloyd Colette Cloyd
    Executive Coordinator to the President

  • Curt Esper Curt Esper
    Facilities Manager

  • Greg Matthew, BS Greg Matthew, BS
    Financial & Accounting Analyst I

  • Janae Claiborne, MS Janae Claiborne, MS
    Business Development Specialist

  • Jon Okey, MS Jon Okey, MS
    Human Resources Generalist

  • Michelle Goebel Michelle Goebel
    Interim Receptionist

  • Paul Waltner, Esq. Paul Waltner, Esq.
    General Counsel

  • Robert Parker, BBA Robert Parker, BBA
    Finance and Accountant II

  • Sabrina White, BS Sabrina White, BS
    Accounting Manager

  • Tyler Wentler, MBA Tyler Wentler, MBA
    Contract Specialist